Confidence is hard to win

Confidence is hard to win

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Taxi groups have confidence in Axygest. Their testimonials are a guarantee of our professionalism and expertise.

“We use the on-board system Aramus in recent years and we are satisfied with its use. Axygest is always at our disposal in order to change their solution and each year offers us new features.”

Mr. Tony Marques, President of Taxis Abeilles Versailles

"The system allows to optimize the rides. It's the best system to work with. It is very intuitive, new members know how to use it very fastly."

Mr. B. Petit, President of Taxis Rennais

"Reliability, responsiveness, taking account of the specific aspects of our fleet; advantages: the people we have in front of us know the world of the taxi, they are easy to access, we know them."

Mr. E. Bouclon, President of Taxis Marseillais

"We have been partners for more than eight years with Axygest. We followed the evolution of Axygest that brought comfort, peace and flexibility at the level of the work. We are completely satisfied also of its reactivity."

Mr. H. Trinta, President of Limoges Taxis

"A team to rely on, a team that listens to you, a team that think taxi."

Mr. A. Bianco, President of Taxis Grenoblois

"The system works very well. It's as simple as that. Billing is very effective and really very simple."

Mr. A. Doreau, President of the association "Abeille Taxi Châteauroux"

"A practical system that allows you to locate the vehicles quickly. All information necessary for the smooth running of the ride is in the on-board device. Axygest is very reactive upon request. The team is very friendly."

Mr Begdouri, administrator of the association of taxis of Clermont Ferrand

“A team available to listen to local concerns in a constant search for improvement of the system.”

Mr. E. Dejean, President of "Montpellier Taxi Bleu du Midi"